Why Recipes?

What has this to do with a website that deal with glass?  From a strictly technical point of view, there is no real link, but technicality is not always the only answer.
The fact is that through the glass business, we have come into contact with many people from  different parts of the world.   First they were either customers, students or suppliers, and then they become friends.
One of the best ways to strengthen a friendship is to eat together, so whenever we have had guests at home or we visit our friends, we always end up cooking something because this is our passion.   As an italian proverb says ” a tavola non si invecchia” (one doesn’t grow old at the table ). Most of the time our friends enjoy the meal and ask for the recipes, other times we receive an email months later asking for the recipe of the dish we cooked.
Well, this has convinced us that to make everything easier for everyone, the best solution would be to  put these recipes on line so that they are available to everyone all the time.